Dual Leading Edge Static Mixer

Our dual leading edge (DLE) static mixer is custom designed to suit on-site requirements of length, number of auxiliary connections, pressure and temperature ratings.

dual leading edge static mixer

Benefits of Using Our Static Mixer

The benefits of using a Savant DLE Mixer in Custody Transfer (ISO 3171 / API 8.2) Applications:

  • No requirement for maintenance as a static mixer has no moving parts.
  • No direct power consumption.
  • Custom designed to suit on-site requirements of length, number of auxilary connections (including water injection connection), pressure and temperature ratings.
  • Mixers have been rigourously tested by an independent third party in wet lab tests. Our designes are not based on CFD models.
  • Uniform product to meet ISO 3171 / API 8.2 standards.
  • Equally disperses water droplets in crude oil.
  • Empirically proven for velocities greater than 0.7 FPS.
  • Provide a process guarantee in any orientation as we do not need to differentiate between vertical and horizontal installation.
  • Elements are fully welded into the mixer housing.

Why Choose Savant?

  • Savant is an API member company with over 40 years of expertise in the Oil & Gas measurement industry.
  • We pride ourselves in working with our clients to help solve their measurement related issues and offer custom solutions to each individual application.
  • Our mixers are all manufactured in the United States using only the highest grade American and German steel.

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